Monday C Pool A

Matchup Schedule/Results
Don Cherry Poppers at LumberjacksatDon Cherry Poppers 5, LUMBERJACKS 4
Lumberjacks at Don Cherry PoppersatDON CHERRY POPPERS 5, Lumberjacks 4

Monday C Pool B

Matchup Schedule/Results
Jake's Grill & Oyster House at SunnyValeatSUNNYVALE 5, Jake's Grill & Oyster House 4
SunnyVale at Jake's Grill & Oyster HouseatSunnyVale 11, JAKE'S GRILL & OYSTER HOUSE 4

Monday D1 Pool A

Matchup Schedule/Results
Toronto Maple Leafs at No Regretzky'satToronto Maple Leafs 7, NO REGRETZKY'S 1
No Regretzky's at Toronto Maple LeafsatTORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 1, No Regretzky's 0

Monday D1 Pool B

Matchup Schedule/Results
Huskies at BMS GoatsatBMS GOATS 2, Huskies 0
BMS Goats at HuskiesatHUSKIES 3, BMS Goats 2 OT

Monday D2 Pool A

Matchup Schedule/Results
Mighty Pigeons at Bar DownersatMighty Pigeons 4, BAR DOWNERS 0
Bar Downers at Mighty PigeonsatMIGHTY PIGEONS 1, Bar Downers 0

Monday D2 Pool B

Matchup Schedule/Results
Predators at Shooting BlanksatSHOOTING BLANKS 2, Predators 0
Shooting Blanks at PredatorsatPREDATORS 5, Shooting Blanks 2 OT

Monday E Pool A

Matchup Schedule/Results
I.S. Bruins at Duke DynastyatI.S. Bruins 7, DUKE DYNASTY 2
Duke Dynasty at I.S. BruinsatI.S. BRUINS 2, Duke Dynasty 1

Monday E Pool B

Matchup Schedule/Results
Kings at GooniesatKings 1, GOONIES 1
Goonies at KingsatKINGS 2, Goonies 0

Thursday D Pool A

Matchup Schedule/Results
Seamen at Bush League MooseknucklersatSeamen 1, BUSH LEAGUE MOOSEKNUCKLERS 0
Bush League Mooseknucklers at SeamenatBush League Mooseknucklers 4, SEAMEN 0 OT

Thursday D RR Pool B

Matchup Schedule/Results
Graphic Whizard at Druncan Keith'satGraphic Whizard 5, DRUNCAN KEITH'S 2
Druncan Keith's at Big DealsatBIG DEALS 5, Druncan Keith's 3
Graphic Whizard at Big DealsatGraphic Whizard 5, BIG DEALS 2

Thursday E RR Pool A

Matchup Schedule/Results
Dinks Tap N Grill at Regina PoundersatREGINA POUNDERS 3, Dinks Tap N Grill 2 OT
Peter North Stars at Regina PoundersatREGINA POUNDERS 4, Peter North Stars 1
Dinks Tap N Grill at Peter North StarsatDinks Tap N Grill 4, PETER NORTH STARS 3

Thursday E RR Pool B

Matchup Schedule/Results
Frank's Red Hot Wings at JiggersatFrank's Red Hot Wings 4, JIGGERS 3 OT
Blue Jackets at JiggersatBlue Jackets 3, JIGGERS 2
Frank's Red Hot Wings at Blue JacketsatBLUE JACKETS 2, Frank's Red Hot Wings 1 OT

Tuesday D/E Pool A

Matchup Schedule/Results
Men With Wood at Sporting WoodiesatMen With Wood 9, SPORTING WOODIES 0
Sporting Woodies at Men With WoodatMEN WITH WOOD 3, Sporting Woodies 0

Tuesday D/E RR Pool B

Matchup Schedule/Results
Bedroom Bullies at ThrillhouseatBedroom Bullies 5, THRILLHOUSE 0
Thrillhouse at TAB TigersatThrillhouse 4, TAB TIGERS 1
Bedroom Bullies at TAB TigersatBedroom Bullies 9, TAB TIGERS 3

Monday C Final

Matchup Schedule/Results
Don Cherry Poppers at SunnyValeatTue Sep 6 8:15 PM - Oakville Rink 1

Monday D1 Final

Matchup Schedule/Results
Toronto Maple Leafs at BMS GoatsatTue Sep 6 9:15 PM - Oakville Rink 1

Monday D2 Final

Matchup Schedule/Results
Mighty Pigeons at PredatorsatTue Sep 6 7:30 PM - Oakville Rink 2

Monday E Final

Matchup Schedule/Results
I.S. Bruins at KingsatTue Sep 6 8:30 PM - Oakville Rink 2

Thursday D Final

Matchup Schedule/Results
Bush League Mooseknucklers at Graphic WhizardatThu Sep 8 8:15 PM - Oakville Rink 1

Thursday E Final

Matchup Schedule/Results
Regina Pounders at Blue JacketsatThu Sep 8 9:15 PM - Oakville Rink 1

Tuesday D/E Final

Matchup Schedule/Results
Bedroom Bullies at Men With WoodatTue Sep 6 9:30 PM - Oakville Rink 2